February 2020


Typeface Design

Kiwari Grotesk - The Neo Neutral Grotesk Sans Serif Font Families

Designing neutral sans serif typeface for a wide range implementation

There is a lot of sans serif typeface out there that has a neutral meaning which untouched by the character of the typeface design itself. We all know the famous and overused Helvetica, and we know about Univers, and also the inspiration of those two, the Akzidenz Grotesk. 

In this transparent era, massive information streams confuse (us)ers like the digital media, the news, social media feeds, etc. With this rapid massive information flow, we have to face almost millions of texts and images every day from our gadgets like smartphones and laptops. So we come up with a question "how do we know that the text and the image of some content have the same balance?" so we discuss it we the team and then we're trying to have our own perspective about the neutral typeface that can pair well with images and have the balance that hopefully works for a wide range implementation from body text to display text also covering various style and vibes. And there it is, a versatile neutral neo-grotesque font families. Kiwari Grotesk. You can get our Kiwari Grotesk Families + Kiwari Monospaced via Youworkforthem


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